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About Reel Creative

Reel Creative is the digital training hub for people of all backgrounds. We aim to inspire learners to unleash their creativity and develop skills to help them to thrive. Our courses ignite imagination, build confidence and encourage a host of new skills. We give people access to professional equipment who may not have had these opportunities before.

Learn skills in digital including video, film making, animation and graphics. Our fully equipped film studio allows for practical, hands on activities and include film making, TV shows, news reports, YouTube content and more. Crew members explore all the different crew roles you find on a real film set, explore and develop their own creative ideas and work on real-life film making projects to boost their skills.

We help creatives from all backgrounds to thrive through...

...Film & Digital Training

Specialist training in filmmaking and digital skills for people from all backgrounds.

...Expert Tutors

Our team of expert instructors are all recruited from the industry and thoroughly vetted, including DBS checks.

...Project Based Learning

Our unique sessions used real-world projects to boost skills and provide opportunities for all.

...Commitment To Wellbeing

We promote positive well-being for all our creatives. We celebrate individuality and nurture personal


Our digital courses are practical, educational, fun and cover:


Teaching people how to express their ideas. Develop confidence and creativity directing projects such as films, TV shows, news reports or YouTube videos.

Camera Work

Developing camera skills to all levels from basic to advanced. Learn how to work as part of a camera crew to make a variety of projects.

Acting and Presenting

Learn screen acting technique and presenting skills. Gain the confidence to perform in front of the camera.

Screen writing

Students taking part develop their skills, confidence and technique as young screenwriters.


Develop awareness of video editing using professional industry platforms. See learners work come to live.


Real time projects let teach learners all about film production, including how to produce and manage their.


Learn animation skills from drawing to computer software enabling you to create a variety of different styles.


Learn the way you can create high end graphics from social media to print and digital. From green screen movie posters to product design.

Social Media

Find the best platforms to display work get a following and promote you projects.

Our Goals

Inspire Creativity

Whatever their ambitions for the future, all children take away increased creativity and imagination from their time with us.

Develop Talent

Children and young people interested in film and media develop their skills and knowledge to transform their future.

Make an Impact

Filmmakers progress into industry opportunities and training, ready to fuel a growing UK film industry.

Our Team



Our Studio

Our fully equipped studio is the perfect environment for creatives to bring their visions to life.

Includes 250 inch projector screen and props.

Story telling and documentaries

We want to give a voice to those who don’t get heard.

This is why we undertake documentaries to tell untold people stories.


“Absolutely Captivated”

The children were absolutely captivated by the imaginative digital experiences on Reel Creative. The creativity and interactivity fostered a new love for online learning. Highly recommended for every young mind!


“Enlightens and Entertains”

Reel Creative seamlessly blends fun and education, offering our kids a digital playground that both enlightens and entertains. We’ve witnessed their curiosity bloom, thanks to these wonderful experiences.


Our Board